Provide one touch system information page formatted for mobile phone with important computer info

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This should be able to be brought up with the least number of clicks or touches possible. Alternatively be able to scan a QR Code or NFC tag with the customer/computer ID attached to the computer so a tech could walk up to a computer and scan the QR Code or NFC tag and instantly have everything he needs to know about that machine on his phone screen without having to do anything else.

Each piece of information should be a link that takes him/her to that section for complete details in the RMM app for that machine.

The one Touch screen should include but not be limited to information Such as the following and might even be customizable to add or remove information as the tech desired for his/her primary usage.

Computer name
IP address
Subnet mask
Default gateway
Public IP
Run time
Updates available
Current/last logged in domain\user
System date, time, time zone
Computer serial number
OS Name, version, installed date, Key
MS Office suite and version, updates available
Restart needed

Under consideration Discovery Reporting UI / UX Suggested by: Rick Steele Upvoted: 28 Mar, '21 Comments: 0

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