MDM and ZeroTouch management

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Today all vendors have moved or are in the last steps of moving.

Apple macOS is fully MDM compatible and since 2 years only MDM official supported
JAMF / Microsoft Intune is making strides and affects the usage of RMM

Microsoft Windows 10 is fully compatible and since 2 year fully functional with only MDM settings.
Microsoft Intune is making strides and affects the usage of RMM.

This would also support all missing devices from the RMM tool e.g. tablets, mobiles and other mobility devices using MDM technology and in need of

Also the DEP / ZeroTouch scenario is required in today’s world where more and more is only working from home and The hardware never goes through a central imaging process and is sent directly out to the end user

Look at e.g. JumpCloud and their System Authentication/Management - they have already implement it and making strides which is important as not to be “forced” out by Azure/AWS/Google Cloud by not offering similar cost effective solutions.

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Comments: 2

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