Application Management

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Change add-on 3rd Party Patching to ==> Application Management
Split out the Patch Management for OS Updates och App Updates to
System Management
Windows Updates (patching and upgrades editions/features / twice a year)
macOS Updates (patching and upgrades editions/features / once a year)
Debian/Ubuntu (patching, apt [dist-]upgrade and version, apt full-upgrade)
+adding sources, repositories backports + non-free
CentOS (patching, dnf update and version, yum install)
Application Management*
Windows chocolatey
macOS brew
Debian/Ubuntu (apt install) / CentOS (yum install)
Also the possibility to set settings, run scripts, tasks and workflow (1) globally for system mgmt and app management | per customer and customer scope (2) per individual application / system
Custom Titles is reworked to work with above functionality
There should be management views, maintenance views, reports view, to know that the functionality has done whats configured and that it keeps upholding it e.g. GPMC.

Planned Patching Suggested by: Johnny J Upvoted: 28 May Comments: 11

Comments: 11