Patch Management - Restrict reboot to only occur during maintenance window

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Hi there!

I would like the possibility to configure a patch policy to only allow reboots during the configured maintenance window/s.

We can't allow reboots during business hours in our environment, so I have a hard time making sure all our systems are up to date with the current setup. The reason being that I have to choose between "Reboot if required" and "Start patch as soon as possible if the scheduled execution was missed", I can't have both active at the same time because some systems may be offline during the maintenance window.

The benefit of this suggestion would be:
1 - Reboots will only occur during maintenance window.
2 - Combined with "Start patching asap...", the updates will be downloaded and prepared during business hours and will be installed during the next boot cycle or the next maintenance window, whichever comes first.

In development Maintenance Mode Patching Suggested by: AC_Martin Upvoted: 18 Dec, '23 Comments: 2

Comments: 2