Report and Alert Monitoring: Agent and Network devices and components

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In-depth reporting:
- Numbers, statistics, and graphs of specific monitoring counters/data or configuration in real-time/interval.
- Export historical monitoring data as PDF, HTML, XML, or CSV files to further process your monitoring data.
- Run reports on demand or schedule regular reports (daily, weekly, monthly).

Alerts of/then: SLA, monitoring levels, counters

Custom made monitoring and alerts of scripts/apps that is custom-built and give back counters.

API access for custom made notifications and in-depth reporting

Merge the counters of Pulseway RMM Agent and Network device information and add comprehensive real-time and historical graphs and apply flexible intuitive SLA and granular multiple alert levels for those.


All above should be per (agent/device and components made available agent/snmp/custom built and/or device) regardless of Pulseway RMM agent, Cloud Backup, Network Monitor device and regardless of Linux, Raspberry PI, macOS or Windows.

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Comments: 2

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