More Robust Input and Site Variables

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While I love that Pulseway has started getting into allowing custom fields and variables, as it stands right now, if I'm being honest, the custom input variables on the scripts in it's current form is basically useless. It takes more time to click add/edit and input what is needed into the UI, then it does for me to just declare the same variables at the start of my script when writing them.

1. Have script input variables work as environment variables, and they can be filled in at the time of script run. So if I have script to search for something by date range, I can create 2 input variables, Start & End, and leave them blank. When I got to run the script, it pops up a window with the available custom input variables allowing me to fill them in at that time.

2. Site variables that are attached at a site level and allow you to call them inside your script by using $env:customvariablename.

I am out of room to explain more, and can only attach 1 screenshot.

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Comments: 9